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Click Polyglot Cubed Mandarin Chinese version

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Mandarin Chinese Language Version 1.2 (17.7 mb)

The Mandarin Chinese version of Polyglot Cubed is available for free download again. This is a limited time opportunity.

Click here to download the installation exe

Language Packs
Free trial of Polyglot

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Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) Criolu (Portuguese dialect) | 7.7mb
(Free demo includes 1 room of lesssons)

Alternate Download 2

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Polyglot Mod Shape Demo

Snap (shape-sound match) - Free demo of modified lesson

Match tones to shapes (built using the mod tool) - 7mb .zip file

Alternate download #2

Mod Tool

Download the mod tool to make your own versions of the game. The tool is only 52K, but it requires the Microsoft .Net Framework to run.

Use this program to make other language packs for Polyglot or to create other matching games using the polyglot design.