Polyglot Cubed Directions (clcik to enlarge)1. Listen for the word (by clicking the bottom of the screen)

2. Explore the tiles to find a match (by left clicking or by holding right click and mousing)

3.Select the matching tile (right click or pen tap)

If the correct word is matched, then the player recieves a puzzle piece which helps reveal an image

If the incorrect word is chosen, an additional cubic tile is added to the scene. Subsequent wrong choices result in penalty stalls - the game flow is halted for a few seconds.

When you are done, select the upper right-hand corner of the screen or hit [ESC] to view your score.

Controls: (click to enlarge)
KEyboard controlsTablet and Touch Instructions



Stylus and Touch Controls

  • Single Tap: Select
  • Movement: Screen Arrow Control


Keyboard and Mouse Control

  • [M] - toggle music on/off
  • [W] or [Up ARROW]: Move forward
    [A] or [Left ARROW]: Move left
    [S] or [Down ARROW]: Move backward
    [D] or [Right ARROW]: Move right
  • [space] or [return] to hear the spoken word
  • [ESC]: Quit game
  • Left Click: Select Cube
  • Right Click: Check Cube*
  • Left Click and Hold: Check multiple cubes*


*Checking tiles will only work for the first 3 tiles per round unless the player is in practice mode.

Game Tips:

  • Focus on a single room at a time, to gain specific vocubulary
  • Play the game in short sessions of 10 or less minutes (play it on your laptop while you wait for your next flight)
  • Start with the vocubulary that most interests you (hotels, numbers, etc)